Peter Higgins

Trainer and assessor (Arboriculture)


Arboriculture training and assessment; chainsaw operation and maintenance; aerial rescue; tree felling; vegetation management; pruning in an electrical environment.

About Peter

Peter has worked with THS since 2003. He is our lead trainer in the fields of arboriculture training and assessment. He also specialises in teaching and assessing in the “Operation and Maintenance of Chainsaws” and “Tree Felling”.

Peter began in the arboriculture industry as a full-time arborist 25 years ago. He progressed to foreman and supervisory positions before becoming a training coordinator in the late 90’s. He successfully ran and managed his own horticulture business before becoming a training consultant for students of Horticulture (Arboriculture).

Currently Peter works within the arborist industry and is a part-time TAFE teacher. Combining this with his background means that Peter has an extensive basis for delivering practical and relevant training courses with real life scenarios.

Education and qualifications

Peter’s qualifications include: workplace training and assessment; chainsaw operations; tree felling; horticulture/arboriculture and tree surgery.

Past experience

  • 2003 to present - Training, assessment and course development with THS; Part-time teacher at Padstow and Randwick Institutes of TAFE; Working with a tree care company. 
  • 2001 to 2003 - Workplace trainer and assessor – Private RTO. 
  • Prior to 2001 - Director own horticulture company; Training coordinator – vegetation management and power line clearance company; Land and Engineering Survey draftsman.

Peter Higgins

Peter designs and delivers arboriculture and chainsaw courses and assesses participants of these THS training packages.