Edelrid Click Lock Inspection Request

Friday, April 22, 2016 @ 10:12:19

Based on customer feedback, EDELRID have been alerted to the fact that the “Click-Lock” buckles for the thigh loops on the harness types TREE CORE, CORE CL and CORE PLUS CL may open if only one of the push buttons is pressed. This was caused by a temporary error in the manufacturing process of a limited number of buckles from their buckle supplier for the harness models listed above.

Please note: Even if the buckle is open, the design of the harness ensures safety in the loading direction (dropping out from it is not possible), nonetheless the error might lead to injury if the buckle on the thigh loop opens unintentionally. This buckle type is used only on the thigh loop of the said harnesses.

To rule out any risk, EDELRID is requesting all users of said harnesses to immediately stop use and inspect them per the instructions attached.


This applies to the following Edelrid Core CL harnesses:

EDL880350230170 Core Triple Lock, night, S-XL
EDL880350232190 Core Triple Lock, night/oasis, S-XL
EDL880360232190 Treecore Triple Lock, night/oasis, S-XL
EDL880370232190 Core Plus Triple Lock, night/oasis, S-XL


Further information available here and here.