Safety Notice: AustriAlpin COBRA Buckles

Friday, March 11, 2016 @ 10:04:04

Dear customer,

Our supplier for COBRA® buckles has announced a safety notice:
Cobra Safety Buckles Notice

It has come to their attention that “in an extremely small quantity (0.00005% = 1 out of 2 million) of COBRA ® buckles there may exist parts where the rivets have not been press fixed.”
The probability of occurrence is low. The Austrian authorities therefore estimate the risk as so low that no regulatory risk report was published. The supplier of the buckles bears the responsibility for further action and reports to the authorities.

We point out that rivets that were not press fixed may become lose and the buckle may open consequently.

The supplier of the buckles published a very straightforward manual for a visual check (see link above or excerpt below). All buckles that were produced before mid-January 2016 are potentially affected.

We use these buckles in
treeMOTION ( 7333210)
spare parts thereof (left or right leg loop, 7333206 and 7333207)We are currently checking the entire stock of harnesses and buckles.

For your own safety we request that you identify all Teufelberger assemblies in your ownership that contain affected Cobra buckles and perform the visual assessment identified by the manufacturer. We also require that you forward this notice to others that you consider maybe be affected by this safety notice.


If the outcome of the visual assessment is that the rivet does not show any embossing, or that you are not able to make a judgement with clarity, STOP using the assembly, place it in QUARANTINE so that it cannot be used or returned to service inadvertently and contact Teufelberger to communicate the outcome of the visual assessment and the number of items affected.

Please feel free to contact the TEUFELBERGER team any time for questions.