The Singing Tree Rope Wrench is designed to be used by
arborists in conjunction with a Single Rope Technique (SRT)

The Rope Wrench is a friction control device that allows a climber to ascend and descend a
single rope without changing equipment. When used as part of a secure, hitch-based climbing system, it allows the climber to smoothly control the rate of descent by adding friction to the climbing system.

The Rope Wrench is NOT a life support device. It is, however, a loadbearing device that may bear more than 50% of the climbers weight during the climb. It should not be use without a life supporting friction hitch or similar device that will immediately stop descent in an emergency situation.

It is also not recommended for use by persons that have no or limited experience with SRT systems or techniques.

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Red 11-13mm Rope D160,RP280 $174.24