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1.1 inch Single Omni Block P54

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The Omni-Block combines a swivel and pulley into one tool, and incorporates a unique side plate that opens while the pulley is still attached to the anchor. Traditionally, a pulley is connected to a swivel by a karabiner. However, the Omni eliminates the need for the karabiner, reducing length and pieces of equipment in the rigging system.��Features include the following: �� Allows rope change without detachment from karabiner�� The integrated swivel top allows the pulley to orient as needed in response to the load.�� Pulley body is machined from a solid block of aluminium for strength optimisation and weight reduction.�� Shortens the length of rigging by combining the pulley and swivel in one device.��Specifications: �Sheave diameter : 28mm�Maximum Rope diameter : 13mm�Number of sheaves : One (1)�Sheave Material : Aluminium�Rating : MBS 23kN�Working Load Limit : 5kN