16mm KM 111 Static Rope

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KM III is an exceptional static rope for rappelling, caving, rescue, top roping, fixed rope applications, hauling, and life safety applications. The unique polyester sheath differentiates KM-III from other static ropes. The polyester sheath is balanced with a nylon core to limit rotation, bouncing, and stretch. KM III is NFPA and CE approved, and all come with an NFPA certification tag and CE labels. Thirty-two bobbins provide the correct sheath for the unique demands of static rope and the optimum sheath/core ratio. This allows for an incredibly smooth sheath, higher tensile strengths, and superior handling characteristics.�Features include the following: �� 32-Strand sheath for optimum sheath/core ratio�� Polyester over Nylon with a balanced torque free construction�� Excellent handling and knot holding characteristics�� High abrasion resistance�� Excellent UV protection �Static Strength: 22 kN�Elongation: 1.0%