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ABSORBICA 80 Twin Lanyard

Twin fall arrest lanyard with integrated compact energy absorber. The lanyard is designed to acccept a range of connection hardware depending on the intended application. This feature allows you to customise and personalise the lanyard for a given job or working environment. Scaffold hooks, karabiners, open rings and mallion rapides are typical connection options.��Features include the following: �� Impact force limiting energy absorber�� Progressive fall deceleration function�� Zippered pouch protects the energy absorber�� Easy energy absorber inspection�� Protected consealed labelling�� Sewn eye rope terminations�� Available in 800 mm and 1500 mm lengths��Certification(s): CE EN 355, CE EN 354, EAC��Please Note: The ABSORBICA I and Y lanyards are designed for users weighing 50 to 130 kg