Air Core Tower Worker Harness

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The Miller AirCore Tower-worker Harness is a light-weight full-body harness. Its specifically designed breathable, open-core padding technology provides optimal air flow, reduces heat and moisture entrap-ment and keeps the worker drier and cooler. �Features include the following: �� Light-weight components�� Corrosion-resistant and longer lasting aluminium hardware �� Quick operating cam buckles on the shoulder straps �� Quick-connect leg and chest buckles�� Distinctive webbing design for easy identification and greater visibility �� Easily adjustable waist, shoulder and leg straps�� Aluminium rear fall arrest d-ring with fall indicator �� Work positioning side d-rings for working with pole straps �� Equipped with confined space webbing loops for attachment to spreader frame �� Built-in buttock pad for increased comfort when work positioning.