Anti Shock Chainsaw Lanyard (Ring)

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The Anti Shock Chainsaw Lanyard is another innovative product for the tree climber. ��What makes this chainsaw lanyard so special is how it absorbs the force . The tear webbing will activate when a force is applied to the lanyard of more than 220 - 240 daN.��This can occur when a chainsaw gets stuck in a section of tree you are cutting. The energy absorbing reduces the dynamic force of the impact on the harness, fall protection system and anchor point of the climber to 150 - 180 daN.��If the saw does not come unstuck again, the webbing will tear open completely after 70 cm and the tool will drop to the ground. Due to a special treatment of the yarns, the elastic webbing is exceptionally abrasion resistant.��Warning: This tool lanyard must not be used for life support.