Arborist Rigging Pulley

This cast aluminium rigging pulley provides a great balance between high strength and light weight. It weighs 1490 grams but has a rated strength of 100 kN. The swivel cheeks allows you to easily install the rigging rope and the rope sling. This type of pulley is typically used by Arborists but is also useful for other industries and rigging applications.��Features include the following: �� Aluminium sheave and cheeks�� Spring loaded removable top axle�� Rope sling sheave to increase bend radius�� Individually serial numbered��Specifications: �Maximum Rope Size: 16mm Diameter�Maximum Rope Sling Size: 25mm Diameter�Breaking Strength: 100kN�Working Load Limit: 2000 kg�Finish: Power Coated��Dimensions: �Height: 190mm�Width: 99mm�Depth: 108mm