Buddy Catch Back Up Device

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The Catch is a towable rope adjustment device designed for the rope access industry. The towable release mechanism allows the user to tow the device while simultaneously descending. The device features non-aggressive stainless steel cams which are spring loaded allowing it to be positioned on the rope while the user is working.±±Features include the following: ±¥ No shock absorber required for either 100kg (single person) or 200kg rescue loads±¥ Conforming to EN 12841:2006 Type A±¥ Screw lockable for semi-permanent attachment to rope±¥ Large attachment eye for multiple connections±¥ Anodised side plates and non-aggressive stainless steel cams±¥ Individually marked for traceability±¥ Ergonomic grip-release tow handle±¥ Tether cord facility±¥ Made in Wales, UK±±Important: ±For use on approved 11mm ropes (EN 1891:1998) with maximum lanyard length(including connectors) of 800mm (single person.