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Double Action Autolock w Captive Eye

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� 54mm gate opening steel karabiner with captive eye �Extra large karabiner with captive eye to securely attach one component to another offering strength and durability ��� Double action self closing and locking gate for added safety �Double action mechanism automatically closes and locks to keep all components of your safety system firmly attached. ��� Corrosion resistant plated steel hardware �Zinc plating offers high corrosion resistance to stand-up to the toughest environments, providing added longevity. ��� High strength construction with 16kN rated gate �With an overall strength of 35kN and the added security of a 16kN rated gate this karabiner provides strong, fast and safe connections ��� User friendly design �User friendly design for quick and easy one-handed operation, even while wearing gloves, makes connecting components of your fall protection system together fast and easy for added worker satisfaction and productivity.