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Explorer Hand Ascender Right Hand

Extruded aluminium frame construction makes these hand ascenders high strength and durable. They are commonly used by vertical rescue crews and for industrial environments. Features include the following: • Moulded ergonomic comfortable handle grip• Multiple connection points both top and bottom• Suitable for a wide range of connector hardware• Stainless steel wear reduction eyelet in main connection• Left or right handed versions available• Forged cam catch with integrated safety function• Stainless steel investment cast teeth and cam• Extruded aluminium construction with anodised finish• Superior corrosion resistance, strength and durability Specifications: Material: Aluminium body, stainless steel cam Surface Finish: Anodised blue Rope Size: Suits kernmantle rope from 10.5 - 13 mm Dimensions: 215 mm (H) x 90 mm (W) Minimum Strength at Cam: 600 kg Standards: CE 2056, EN 567, ASNZS 4488, NFPA 1983