GRILLON Lanyard kit

This versatile adjustable work positioning lanyard kit is used to connect a person working at height to a fixed structure or anchor. This lanyard is a must for any rigger, tree climber or rope access operator.±±Features include the following: ±¥ Light weight, compact and easy to use design±¥ Easy and precise lanyard length adjustment ±¥ Durable kernmantle rope with sewn eye terminations±¥ Plastic sheaths protect the sewn eye termination and hold the connection hardware in place±¥ 2 x steel auto locking karabiners±¥ 1 x Petzl energy absorber±¥ 1 x 8mm wide mouth Maillon Rapide±¥ Can be used in a single or double configuration±¥ Replacement lanyard ropes readily available±¥ Kits available in 3m and 5m lengths