Ground Anchor System Kit

This ground anchor kit is designed for situations were no other anchor is available.�The SMC StayK system is ideal for specialised fall protection or rope access anchorage. It is also commonly used for rescue hauling and winching operations. This kit is sold as a set of three.��Constructed of stainless steel and high strength aluminium, the Rescue StayK can be used individually or as a self equalising system.��Perfect for locations such as: �� Cliff tops�� Road cuttings�� Embankments�� Quarry walls��Other features of the SMC Rescue StayK include: �� simple to use�� Hardened 'striker cap' to prevent rod damage�� high strength, durable components�� Configurations are virtually unlimited�� Supplied with operator instructions� �Technical specifications: �� Material: Aluminium and stainless steel�� Finish: Anodised and natural polished�� Dimensions: 89.2cm tall x 2.5cm diameter�� Weight: 4.2kg per StayK