Milan 2.0 Power Kit

The MILAN 2.0 POWER is a version of the MILAN 2.0 HUB, that can be powered by a specially designed cordless power source. The power supply unit is sold separately but the wheel allows you to perform short lifts for rescues. The unit uses 9mm static rope that greatly reduces the weight and bulk of the kit.±±Specifications: ±Standard: EN 1496:2007, EN 341:2011±Internat. standard: ANSI Z359.4:2007±Desccent speed: 0,9 m/s±Desccent height: 500 m±Max. number of persons: 2±Max. rated load: 260 kg±Temperature from: -35 C±Temperature up to: 60 C±Suspension element: Super Static 9mm