Mini Single Machine Pulley Black P21-B

Rock Exotica have reinvented the machined pulley. The machined pulleys are milled from solid 7075 aluminium so we can take material away where it`s not needed and leave it where it is. The axle is machined as part of the side plate, allowing them to use a flush head axle screw. That`s why these pulleys are more compact, stronger and lighter weight than conventional stamped pulleys.��Features include the following: �� Lightweight pulley with low resistant bearing�� High breaking strength�� Individual serial number�� Alloy 7075, CNC machined from solid block��Weight: 2.9 oz (83 gm) �Breaking Strength: 2 x 15 kN = 30 kN�Working Load: 2 x 2.5kN = 5 kN�Max Rope: 11 mm �Sheave Diameter: 1.1" (21 mm)�Certification: CE, UIA