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Orbitor Tapered Swivel S3

One of the best designed and engineered swivels on the market. The Rock Exotica(TM) swivel is compact, high strength and high quality. No rope access operator, rigger or rescue operator should be without at least one of these high performance swivels.��Features include: �� Eliminate twist in your rigging and climbing systems�� Smooth ball bearing swivel action�� Unique and practical shape�� Precision engineering in every aspect�� Large and small connection points�� Available in a small and large size��This compact low profile swivel is for special uses that require a smooth form with minimal weigh and size.��Specifications: �Overall Height: 100mm�Overall Width: 43mm��Breaking Strength: 26 kN�Working load: 5 kN��Please Note: Karabiners not included