Raider heat resistant

Heat resistant semi-static Type B rope with an Aramid sheath for hot works at height.�Examples of resistance of Aramid to high temperatures are:�� after 10 hours of exposure at 200 C it retains 100 % of its strength,�� after 1 hour at 350 C it retains 90 % of its strength.�� TEST WITH BLOWTORCH�Raider 11mm holding a mass of 100 kg exposed to a temperature of 400 C (+ or- 50 C) for 15 minutes:�� TEST AGAINST A RED HOT BAR�The rope supports a 100 kg mass.�It is held clear of a 25 mm bar heated red-hot.�It is released against the bar and the time to rupture measured.�Results: Raider 11 mm for 18 seconds�� Only sold as a roll.