Removable Coeur Pulse Anchor

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The COEUR PULSE is a removable high-quality stainless steel anchor that can be installed and removed for reuse very simply and rapidly, without tools. The locking function limits the risk of involuntary removal.��Features include the following: �� Simple, rapid installation and removal, without tools, allowing it to be reused (1)�� Locking function limits the risk of involuntary removal�� The wide, ergonomic connection hole facilitates karabiner clipping�� The width of the hole allows installation of two karabiners at the same time�� The thick rounded edge hanger minimises wear of connection hardware��Please note: (1) For optimal use of the anchor, the hole must be perfectly cylindrical. To this end, opt for a drill bit with three or four cutting edges.��Specifications: �Drilling Depth: 65mm�Drilling Diameter: 12mm�Pull Out Strength: 50 MPa Concrete 20kN