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Rescue Pro 2.0 Rope Access Harness

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The concept inspiring the design of this state of the art harness rope access was for rotor blade inspection on wind turbine generators. Well-known members of the leading rope access associations participated in the development of this harness. The goal for the team of developers was to build a harness which should outclass anything ever designed before.��Features include the following: �� Integrated, changeable rope clamp�� V-Shaped back construction with comfort padding�� Round webbing corner for increased comfort in the neck area�� Adjustable, interchangeable shoulder pads�� Double layer leg padding ergonomically shaped for increased comfort�� Great adjustment opportunities for long working sessions�� Loops for sit board attachment: optimal workplace organization�� Textile banderole to protect and cover the marking�� Attached rescue knife�� Front attachment points in different colors for gear organization�� Large ventral alloy attachment point�� 3 sizes for increased wearing comfor