Riggers stop the drop 60 Tool kit

This kit is designed to cater for virtually any hand tool and for tool kits containing approx. 60 tools.��Contents�� 15 x H01005 Catch Attachment 12mm x 55mm�� 15 x H01006 Catch Attachment 25mm x 90mm�� 2 x H01057 Tool Choke Twin Wing�� 10 x H01021 Catch Attachment with Cord�� 2 x H01073 Bungee Tether 4.5kg�� 2 x H01069 Tether 2.3kg Rated�� 4 x H01010Y Tech Wrap Heavy Duty 2.5cm x 274cm�� 2 x H01080-M Slip-On Wristband Slim Profile Medium�� 2 x H01067-30 Webbing Tool Lanyard 4.5kg 30cm�� 1 x H01110 STOP the DROPS Bucket 113kg�� 1 x H02100-Y Bolt Pouch�� 1pc x H01035 Micro Catch with Adhesive�� 1pc x H01063 Tool Coil Lanyard 0.9kg Rated, Clip + Loop�� 25pc x H01031 Tool Rings 25mm�� 1 x H01121 Retractable Tool Lanyard with Locking Feature