Riggers stop the drop starter kit

Now available packaged as trade specific kits, these user friendly packs cater for a large variety of hand tools and are economically priced to suit both the individual user as well as large scale shut-down/construction operations.��Contents�� 2 x H01073 STOP the DROPS Bungee Lanyard�� 2 x H01006 Tool Catch 25mm x 90mm (to attach to drift)�� 5 x H01005 Tool Catch�s (To attach to hammer, ratchet etc)�� 1 x H01085 Wrist Band�� 1 x H01010-R Tech-Wrap Tape�� 1 x H01067 Wrist Band Tether�� 2 x H01142 Belt Loops�� 1 x Kit Bag