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RockD Screw Gate Alloy Karabiner

This black version of the classic D shape provides high strength by keeping the load close to the spine of the karabiner. Its shape and size makes it suitable for a range of component connection applications. Available in manual or auto locking versions.��Features include the following:�� High strength i-beam design�� Snag resistant keylock nose design�� Fully anodised components�� Fine tolerance machined surfaces��Specifications: �Shape: Straight D�Locking Action: Screw Gate Manual Lock�Gate Type: Keylock�Gate Opening: 24mm�Rating: Major Axis 29 kN�Rating: Minor Axis 9 kN�Rating: Gate Open 9 kN�Composition: Anodised Aluminium�Certification: CE/UIAA�Weight: 73 grams�Height: 114mm�Width: 71mm