RockO Auto Lock Alloy Pin Karabiner

This modern offset oval shape karabiner with a captive pin provides the strength of a D shape but the benefits of an oval shape. The removable captive pin makes it suitable for semi permanent component connections. It is also recommended to reduce the risk of roll out and/or side loading.��Features include the following:�� Removable captive pin�� Snag resistant keylock nose design�� Fully anodised components�� Fine tolerance machined surfaces��Specifications: �Shape: Modified Oval�Locking Action: Triple Action AutoLock�Gate Type: Keylock�Gate Opening: 24mm�Rating: Major Axis 24 kN�Rating: Minor Axis 11 kN�Rating: Gate Open 6 kN�Composition: Anodised Aluminium�Certification: CE/UIAA�Weight: 90 grams�Height: 107mm�Width: 71mm