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Rope Access L2 Training Course -I

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The Level 2 operator's training course has a focus on suspended horizontal movement and advanced rescue procedures. This qualification also allows persons to plan and supervise a rope access worksite. This comprehensive and technical course is highly practical and can be physically demanding. Upon completion of this training, participants will be eligible for assessment. This four day course includes topics such as: • Implement and document risk management procedures. • Worksite planning and organisation. • Assemble and operate hauling and lowering systems. • Horizontal movement and aid climbing. • Plan and implement advanced rescues. Prerequisites: Include Level 1 operators qualification, Senior First aid documented evidence of on the job experience equivalent to 500 rope hours and current Senior First Aid Qualification. Certification is issued by the Australian Rope Access Association. Minimum class size: 4. Maximum class size: 8. Pricing Structure: Pe?L2 Level 2 Rope access operator


Rope Access L2 Training Course -I