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Rope Mate Mechanical Prusik

The RollglissTM Rope-Mate(TM) provides a simple to rig mechanical prusik that is strong, convenient and ready for use when required. Simply depress the locking button, swivel open the cover, insert the rope and slide the cover down till it locks into place. The Rope-Mate(TM) can easily and safely be removed or installed at any point on the rope without the need to remove the device from the karabiner connected to its attachment point, therefore reducing the risk of an accidental drop.±±Specifications: ±Compatible Rope Sizes: 10.5 mm - 13.0 mm kernmantle construction rope±Slippage: Occurs at 550 kg on 10.5 mm rope and 1000 kg on 13 mm rope±Overall Size: 88mm x 85mm x 35mm±Standards: AS/NZS 4488, EN567, EN12841, NFPA1983 (2012 ED) T±Construction: Aluminium body and cam with stainless steel fixings

*Discontinued *  Try https://ths.com.au/products/tibloc-ascender