Brand: PETZL

The Petzl Axis Semi-Static terminated ropes lengths are great for a range of access and rigging applications. They are perfect for kit assembles such as work on roofs or rescue kits. The sewn eye termination eliminates the need for bulky knots and the risk of poorly tied knots.

Features include the following:
• Hard wearing design and construction
• Semi - static kernmantle construction
• Factory sewn eye termination in one end
• Protective see through termination sleeve
• Connection hardware is held captive in the sleeve
• Available in a range of rope lengths
• Nylon core and sheath material
• Bright colour to improve visibility
• Suitable for ascending, descending and work positioning
• Individual serial number and date of manufacture

Weight per meter: 73 g/m
Strength with sewn termination: 22 kN
Number of factor 1 falls: 20
Shock load (factor 0.3): 5.1 kN
Certification(s): CE, EN 1891 Type A (semi-static ropes)

Yellow/Black 11mmx10m R193,R74YT,010 $76.20
Yellow/Black 11mmx20m R193,R74YT,020 $122.28