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The gated swivel is perfect for direct connection to a wide range of products including pulleys, lanyards and harness attachment hardware. The maintenance free sealed ball bearings ensures trouble free rotation in a range of climbing and rigging applications.��Why do I need an opening swivel: �� It reduces the number of connections in a climbing or rigging system�� It reduces the risk of connection hardware rollout or side loading�� It reduces the risk of increased rope friction while hauling�� It reduces the risk of twisting, kinking and tangles in you rope or lanyard�� It is a safer connection than a karabiner�� It allows a climbing or rigging system to swivel or rotate�� It can reduce the length and number of connections required�� It reduces the bulk and weight of component in a system��Specifications: �� 14mm gate opening�� Weighs only 130 Grams�� Breaking strength of 23 kN�� Working load limit of 5 kN�� Certification to CE, NFPA 1983 Technical Use, EAC