Tachyon Climbing Rope

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The revolutionary 11.5mm Tachyon tree climbing rope features a tough and durable UV and abrasion resistant polyester sheath. The core is constructed with a unique dual system of nylon surrounding polyolefin inner core stands. The result is a rope that has superior strand definition and a firm round shape which, improves friction hitch performance with no sheath slippage.��This high performance 24-carrier high visibility climbing rope is lightweight and is compatible with most ascending, descending and rigging hardware.��The product's firm yet flexible design and superior strand definition significantly improves grip and reduces hand fatigue without the added bulk and weight of a larger diameter rope.��Features include the following: �� 28.7kN Rated strength�� 2.2% Static elongation�� No more then 3mm heath slippage�� Hi visibility orange and blue colour��Sheath Material: Polyester�Core Material: Nylon and sacrificial Polypropylene core