Telescopic Rescue Pole

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Features include: ��The heavy duty construction and non conductive elements of the pole make it ideal for use around high and low voltage work areas to safely reach and rescue an injured worker. The poles telescopic function allows it to extend from 1.5 to 3.8 metres in length.���The smooth turn lock functionality allows the pole to easily extend, retract and safely lock off in sections to suit your rescue scenario. Fitted with a sunrise end fitting, the specially designed adaptor holds the rescue hook in place, enabling rescuers to hook onto the suspended person�s fall arrest D-ring during rescue operations. ���The base of the pole is fitted with a safety cord with karabiner attachment to secure the pole to the structure or rescuer, preventing it from being accidentally dropped during rescue activity. The pole is lightweight and portable for ease of use in rescue operations. Comes complete with its own carry bag for ease of transport, use and storage.