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Operate & Maintain Chainsaws Assessment

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Title: Operate, Maintain and Cross Cutting Techniques for Chainsaws Assessment Only. Description: This is assessment of a participants skills and competency in operating and maintaining hand held chainsaws. Persons attending this assessment must be able to provide evidence of prior learning. Duration: 8 hours over 1 day. Prerequisites: RPL / RCC or equivalent National Competency. Verification: Verification: Nationally Accredited in Forestry, Horticulture / Arboriculture. Recommended Refresher: NA. Assessment method: Theory and practical. Instructor to Student Ratio: One Trainer to four Participants. Maximum Class Size: Eight Price structure: Per Person. Included: Photo Card Certification.?FWPCOT2238 Cut materials with a hand-held chainsaws


Operate & Maintain Chainsaws Assessment
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