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Rope Access L2 Training Course

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The Level 2 operator's training course has a focus on suspended horizontal movement and advanced rescue procedures. This qualification also allows persons to plan and supervise a rope access worksite. This comprehensive and technical course is highly practical and can be physically demanding. Upon completion of this training, participants will be eligible for assessment.±This four day course includes topics such as: ±¥ Implement and document risk management procedures.±¥ Worksite planning and organisation.±¥ Assemble and operate hauling and lowering systems.±¥ Horizontal movement and aid climbing.±¥ Plan and implement advanced rescues.±Prerequisites: Include Level 1 operators qualification, Senior First aid documented evidence of on the job experience equivalent to 500 rope hours and current Senior First Aid Qualification.±Certification is issued by the Australian Rope Access Association. ±Minimum class size: 4.±Maximum class size: 8.±Pricing Structure: Per person, group bookings


Rope Access L2 Training Course
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