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Tower Rescue Course

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Description: Training is based around kit based lowering and lifting systems for harness based rescues. ±±Topics: ±¥ Equipment selection and assembly.±¥ Pre-use equipment inspection and maintenance.±¥ Anchor and attachment point selection and rigging.±¥ Rigging and operating lowering and lifting systems from overhead anchors.±±Duration: 8 hours over 1 day.±Prerequisites: Height Safety Awareness and Tower Climbing competencies are a prerequisite for this course.±Certification: Statement of Attainment and ID card.±Recommended Refresher: After 1 year then every 3 years.±Assessment Methods: Theory and practical±Instructor-student ratio: 1:4±Class size: Minimum 4 - Maximum 8 participants.±Pricing Structure: Per person, group bookings available.±Optional: Plastic photo ID card available upon request.


Tower Rescue Course
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