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Wind Turbine Nacelle Evac

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Description: For Windfarm employees only.±Topics: As per Wind Turbine Module.±Duration: 9 hours over 1 day.±Prerequisites: T890,WPR001 Wind Turbine Height Safety and T800,WPR002 Wind Turbine Ladder rescue.±Costs: Course cost plus travel expenses to be charged at cost.±Certification: ±¥ Certificate of partial completion of Certificate III in Public Safety PUASAR004A - Undertake Vertical Rescue. ±¥ 24 CPD Points (Category C Type 2).±Recommended Refresher: 12 monthly.±Assessment method: Mainly practical with a little theory.±Instructor-student ratio: 1:4±Minimum class size: Four.±Maximum class size: Eight.±Optional: Plastic photo ID card available upon request.

Course Duration

9 hours over 1 day.


Wind Turbine Nacelle Evac
Course Fee: G/B