Ultra O Alloy Kwik Lock Karabiner

�The Ultra O Locksafe karabiner is designed with the I-Beam construction that gives it an excellent strength to weight ratio.��At some point all of us will need to use a pulley system, most likely in a rescue situation. Oval biners are important because they allow pulleys to sit in a correctly loaded and equalised position.��The shape is also suited for a number of climbing systems that require symmetrical inline loading. The Hitch Climber tree climbing system is one of them.��Features�� Oval shape for symmetrical loading�� Ideal for pulley systems assembly�� Strong and lightweight I-Beam construction��Locking Action: Double Action Auto Locking�Gate Opening: 22mm�Rating: Major Axis 25 kN�Rating: Minor Axis 12 kN�Rating: Gate Open 7 kN�Composition: Aluminium Alloy