Ultra Vee Slaice Climbing Rope

Sewn eye termination rope hank��Ultra Vee is the industry standard 16-strand climbing rope. The engineered design and attention to manufacturing detail sets Ultra Vee apart from similar ropes. Each strand in Ultra Vee is comprised of tightly plied fibers and the strands feature fibrillated polyolefin. This fiber is a better quality fiber than the stiff MFP monofilament polypropylene used in other 16-strand climbing ropes. Fibrillated polyolefin is softer and more flexible which translates into a rope with superior knotability, better handling and no "memory" the rope coils nicely and does not have kinks after it's untied.��Features include the following:�� Eye termination using the slaice method�� Blue core acts as a warning flag should rope become heavily abraded or cut�� Light weight design without compromising firmness and roundness�� Treated sheath for enhanced abrasion resistance and increased service life�� High visibility sheath stands out in the tree and on the ground