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Wire Ladder with Trace

These flexible wire ladders are designed for use in difficult access locations. They are light weight and compact and easy to use. They come in standard lengths of 6 m, 9 m, and 15 m. Both ends of the ladders are fitted with sister clips so that they can easily be joined to make any�required length. Each ladder is supplied with a 2.5 m long wire trace that is fitted with sister clips at both ends. The trace can be used as an anchor sling around trees or posts or to extend the ladder length from the anchor.��Specifications: �Rungs Diameters: 12 mm�Rung Wide: 150 mm wide�Rung Spacing: 305 mm�Rung Material: Aluminium alloy�Wire Rope: 3.5 mm Diameter�Wire Construction: 6x19�Wire Finish: Galvanised�Weight: 256 grams per meter��Ratings: �Load required to force rung down wire is approximately 500kg�Sister clips begin to open at approximately 400kg�Sister clips fail completely at approximately 650kg�Wire breaking strain is 500kgs