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XTIRPA portable davit arm 2400mm

These unique, adjustable davit systems were developed to allow workers greater versatility, with the mast adapter permanently fixed to a structure and the davit arm and mast moved around as required. Ensuring easy and safe access into a wide variety of confined spaces these davits are easily positioned with reaches up to 2428mm. The davit�s versatility offers a solution where other conventional systems are impractical. With a safety factor of 10:1 and a working load limit of 164kg at any extension the davits meet or exceeds AS5532, CSA, ANSI, OSHA, CSST and CE Standards. �� Anchor point rating at mast 22kN.�� Maximum Capacity at position 1 & 2 is 16kN.�� Composition: aluminium.�� Open length 2030mm & closed length 1320mm.�� Winch not included.