ZIG ZAG Mechanical Prusik

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Experience the amazing Petzl ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik. This innovative product is beautifully design and manufactured. It behaves like a friction hitch but performs a thousand times better. It has combined features from a range of devices and prusik minding systems and rolled them into one compact and functional device. The ZIGZAG provides a very smooth and easy to control device for ascending, descending and work positioning on a double rope tree climbing system.��This device is packed with features including: �� Ball bearing pulley to allow easy slack tendering�� Swivelling connection ensures correct orientation and twist reduction�� Friction links provide progressive braking action that controls movement�� Stainless steel wear components provide durability and strength�� Designed for rope diameters from 11.5 mm - 13.00 mm�� Compatible rope conforms to EN 1891 semi static core and sheath construction��Warning: Only designed for use on double rope systems