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Access Trees For Inspection

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This course is intended to introduce participants to tree access systems. It is designed for persons who need to climb trees for activities such as tree, flora and fauna inspections, seed collection or habitat installation and arboriculture. This course is suitable for persons with no previous training or experience in height safety activities.�This course does not include spike climbing.�Topics will include the following:�
• Hazard identification and risk management�
• Selection, inspection and fitting of equipment�
• Selection and tying of knots and hitches�
• Anchor point selection and rope installation�
• Ascending and descending techniques�
• Access system selection and assembly�
• Emergency and rescue planning�Duration: 16 hours over 2 day.�Ratio: 1:2�Maximum class size: Four.�Price structure: Per group bookings available.�Optional: Plastic photo ID card available upon request.

Duration:: 2 Day


Access Trees For Inspection