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Confined Space Entry G8

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This one day course meets the minimum requirements for working in a confined space or working as a standby person during confined space entry.??This course is for people who need to enter a confined space where another party will issue the confined space entry permit. This course does not provide competency in the issue of confined space permits. Select the confined space permit issuer course (T855,CSP,1XX1) for this competency.??Topics include the following: ?
• Confined spaces hazards.?
• Assessment and control procedures.?
• Emergency procedures.?
• Selection, use and maintenance of safety equipment.?
• Legislative requirements.??Duration: 8 hours over one day.?Prerequisites: NA.?Training Ratio: 1 trainer to 6 participants.?Pricing structure: Group bookings only.?Maximum class size: Six.??Certification: ?
• MSMPER200 Work in accordance with an issued permit;?
• MSMPER201 Monitor and control work permits; and?
• M?RIIWHS202D Enter and work in confined spaces

Duration:: 1 Day


Confined Space Entry G8