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Tractel Uvm10 Operator

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Description: Rigging and operateration of Tractel UVM10 Access Platform.?Topics: Platform parts identification?
• Platform rigging - in nacelle, around the blades, at ground level ?
• Setup of platform?
• Minifor lifter, Tirak motor and Bloc stop usage?
• Platform take off and landing from the trailer?
• Extension installation and operation?
• Capturing the blade?
• Stablising and balancing the platform?
• Platform back up and manual emergency systems?
• Worker evacuation from the platform?Duration: 16 hours over 2 days.?Prerequisites: T890,WPR001-3 Wind Turbine Height Safety; Turbine Ladder rescue and Nacelle ?EVAC. Dogging and Intermediate riggers certification.?Costs: Course cost plus travel expenses to be charged at cost.?Certification: ?
• Certificate of Competency. ?Recommended Refresher: 1 year.?Instructor-student ratio: 1:6?Minimum class size: 4.?Maximum class size: 6.

Duration:: 2 Day


Tractel Uvm10 Operator