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Equipment Inspector (Ppe)

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Title: Equipment Inspector (PPE).?Description: This course teaches skills required to detect faults in PPE and to determine remedial action. ?Industries incl. height safety, tower workers, hire companies and rescue personnel.?Participants inspect 60-80 items of standard types of PPE, manufactured in Australia and overseas during this course.?Duration: 40 hrs over 5 days.?Prerequisites: Course in height safety, rescue or like is required. You need experience in pre-use checking of PPE.?Verification: SOA PUAEQU00. Can also apply for a Petzl PPE Inspectors certification.?Recommended Refresher: After 1 year then every 2 years?Trainer to Participant Ratio: 1:5.?Minimum Class Size: 5?Maximum Class Size: 10?Price Structure: Per participant, group bookings available.?Payment: Required prior to course date.?Location: THS Training Centres or your venue?Includes plastic photo ID card.?Excludes Petzl PPE Inspector Certification?VAX014 Petzl PPE Inspector 2019

Duration:: 5 Days


Equipment Inspector (Ppe)
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