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Friction Drum Operation

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The Friction Drum Operations Course is designed to teach the safe and efficient operation of the Friction Drum Lowering Device. The training will be delivered on the job and will be totally practical based. Both the climber and the ground crew will benefit from the training. The focus will not only be on the Friction Drum Operation but will also pay attention to rigging systems and compatible equipment. Duration: 8 hours over 1 day. Location: Onsite. Minimum class size: Four. Maximum class size: Eight. Prerequisites: We assume persons participating in this course would have industry experience and knowledge in their current job roles. Pricing Structure: Per person, group bookings available. The course cost allows for one hour of trainer travel. Additional onsite or travel time will be charged if exceeded. Optional: Plastic photo ID card is available upon request. Annual refresher training can be provided if required.


Friction Drum Operation
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