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Tower Contractor Assessment

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This assessment process is designed for persons applying for recognised current competency. It allows persons to be assessed for current practical skills and underpinning knowledge. No training is delivered during this process and participants must perform to the required assessment criteria. The Assessment is industry specific and aims to assess participants in both Tower Climbing Techniques and Harness Based Rescue Procedures.??Height Safety Awareness or equivalent is a prerequisite for this Assessment.??Successful participants will receive a statement of attainment.??We recommend a refresher after the 1st year and then every 3 years after that.??The instructor to student ratio is 1:4?Minimum Class Size: 4?Maximum Class Size: 8?Pricing Structure: Per person, group bookings available.?Optional: Plastic photo ID card available upon request.

Duration:: 1 Days


Tower Contractor Assessment
Course Fee: P/P