Lad-Safe X3 Inspection Notice

Friday, December 2, 2016 @ 15:19:38

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THS Sale Day - Dec 2016

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 @ 14:45:42

Total Height Safety will be having a sale of up to 50% off selected items on Friday 2nd December 2016. Contact for a copy of the full sales list.

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Product Safety Recall - DBI Sala Lad-Saf Sleeve

Thursday, September 1, 2016 @ 17:22:54

Please see attached for Capital Safety/3M's recall of the DBI Sala Lad-Saf Sleeve.

We are awaiting further instructions from Capital Safety/3M regarding handling of this announcement.

All people who have purchased their Lad-Safs from Total Height Safety will be advised of further actions from Capital Safety/3M as more information comes to light.

Sala Ladsafe recall

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Petzl ASAP Lock Announcement

Friday, April 22, 2016 @ 10:23:44

Petzl has released the following information following some cracks detected in the ASAP Lock.

Full information here.

The following is a summary:

  1. Regularly inspect your ASAP LOCK in accordance with the ASAP LOCK PPE checking procedure
  2. A cracked arm presents no additional immediate risk to the user. However, as with any PPE, the presence of such a crack requires an immediate retirement of the product
  3. In the unlikely event you find a cracked arm, retire your ASAP LOCK immediately and contact your local distributor for a replacement under warranty.
  4. ASAP (B71 AAA) is not concerned by these recommendations.


If you have any further questions please contact

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Edelrid Click Lock Inspection Request

Friday, April 22, 2016 @ 10:12:19

Based on customer feedback, EDELRID have been alerted to the fact that the “Click-Lock” buckles for the thigh loops on the harness types TREE CORE, CORE CL and CORE PLUS CL may open if only one of the push buttons is pressed. This was caused by a temporary error in the manufacturing process of a limited number of buckles from their buckle supplier for the harness models listed above.

Please note: Even if the buckle is open, the design of the harness ensures safety in the loading direction (dropping out from it is not possible), nonetheless the error might lead to injury if the buckle on the thigh loop opens unintentionally. This buckle type is used only on the thigh loop of the said harnesses.

To rule out any risk, EDELRID is requesting all users of said harnesses to immediately stop use and inspect them per the instructions attached.


This applies to the following Edelrid Core CL harnesses:

EDL880350230170 Core Triple Lock, night, S-XL
EDL880350232190 Core Triple Lock, night/oasis, S-XL
EDL880360232190 Treecore Triple Lock, night/oasis, S-XL
EDL880370232190 Core Plus Triple Lock, night/oasis, S-XL


Further information available here and here.

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Safety Notice: AustriAlpin COBRA Buckles

Friday, March 11, 2016 @ 10:04:04

Dear customer,

Our supplier for COBRA® buckles has announced a safety notice:
Cobra Safety Buckles Notice

It has come to their attention that “in an extremely small quantity (0.00005% = 1 out of 2 million) of COBRA ® buckles there may exist parts where the rivets have not been press fixed.”
The probability of occurrence is low. The Austrian authorities therefore estimate the risk as so low that no regulatory risk report was published. The supplier of the buckles bears the responsibility for further action and reports to the authorities.

We point out that rivets that were not press fixed may become lose and the buckle may open consequently.

The supplier of the buckles published a very straightforward manual for a visual check (see link above or excerpt below). All buckles that were produced before mid-January 2016 are potentially affected.

We use these buckles in
treeMOTION ( 7333210)
spare parts thereof (left or right leg loop, 7333206 and 7333207)We are currently checking the entire stock of harnesses and buckles.

For your own safety we request that you identify all Teufelberger assemblies in your ownership that contain affected Cobra buckles and perform the visual assessment identified by the manufacturer. We also require that you forward this notice to others that you consider maybe be affected by this safety notice.


If the outcome of the visual assessment is that the rivet does not show any embossing, or that you are not able to make a judgement with clarity, STOP using the assembly, place it in QUARANTINE so that it cannot be used or returned to service inadvertently and contact Teufelberger to communicate the outcome of the visual assessment and the number of items affected.

Please feel free to contact the TEUFELBERGER team any time for questions.

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Rope Rigging Fundamentals Workshop

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 @ 17:17:05

Total Height Safety in conjunction with Rope Rigging Academy's Rob Stringer is running a workshop on the Rope Rigging Fundamentals workshop on the following:

In depth investigation into:

  • Anchoring systems
  • Knotcraft
  • Connector use and abuse
  • Sling materials and configurations
  • Forces on anchors, directional pulleys, frames and guying systems
  • Pulley systems and mechanical advantage
  • Effects of friction on rope systems
  • Counterbalance systems
  • Management of critical points within rope rigging
  • Belay systems for personal and rescue loads
  • Central focal point rigging
  • Powered equipment
  • Operational limits of equipment and assemblies in varying environments and conditions
  • Static strength of components and assemblies as demonstrated on our load testing machine
  • Dynamic strength and dynamic performance of assemblies and systems on our drop test structure
  • Introduction into artificial high directionals and edge management systems

Places are limited - enrol now! Contact or call 02 9966 9070

Rope Rigging Workshop

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Black Diamond Product Recall

Friday, February 5, 2016 @ 15:52:46

Black Diamond Carabiner, Quickdraw and Nylon Runner Voluntary Product Recall.

Black Diamond Equipment Ltd has issued a voluntary product recall for multiple product lines detailed as follows:


Salt Lake City, Utah (February 4, 2016) - Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), voluntarily issued a recall, subject to user inspection, of carabiners/quickdraws because of the possibility of defects in the gate that could cause the carabiner to fail or function incorrectly.

This recall concerns carabiners/quickdraws with manufacturing codes between 4350 and 6018. The complete list of carabiners, quickdraws and harness, belay and rock protection packages concerned by the recall is below.

In some carabiners, the gate rivets (in solid gate carabiners) and wire ends (in wiregate carabiners) attaching the gate to the carabiner body may not be properly manufactured, potentially resulting in the gate becoming detached.

Additionally, in some screwgate carabiners, the locking sleeve may not have been correctly assembled, resulting in a locking carabiner that does not lock properly.

No accidents have been reported; however, in the interest of customer safety, Black Diamond has decided to voluntarily issue a recall, subject to user inspection.

If you own carabiners/quickdraws that fall within the scope of this recall, Black Diamond is requesting that you inspect them following the procedures outlined below. If your carabiners/quickdraws fail inspection, stop use immediately and contact Black Diamond. We will replace your carabiners/quickdraws free of charge.

The instructions below will take you through the inspection procedures for the carabiners covered in this recall. We will be asking you to inspect for the following:

- For solid gate carabiners: gates are properly riveted.
- For wiregate carabiners: gate wire ends are properly formed.
- For screwgate locking carabiners: the gates and locking sleeves are assembled correctly and function properly.
- All carabiner gates fully close when released from any position.


Salt Lake City, Utah (February 4, 2016) - Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd. in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), voluntarily issued a recall, subject to user inspection, of 18mm Nylon Runners 60cm/24in (Style Number 380060) and 18mm Nylon Runners 120cm/48in (Style Number 380061) because of a possibility that the Nylon Runner is not load-bearing and will fail under standard use.
This recall concerns nylon runners with a manufacturing code of 2014 or 2015, which is found on the sewn in label.

This recall is due to a small number of Nylon Runners found to contain a tape splice, resulting in a product that is not load-bearing and will fail under standard use.

No accidents have been reported; however, in the interest of customer safety, Black Diamond has decided to voluntarily issue a recall, subject to user inspection.
This recall requires immediate action from Sea to Summit retailers of the products in question. We require that you inspect all affected stock in your store to establish whether or not it is at fault.


Within these production batches not all items will be at risk.

To ascertain which batches are at risk, and the inspection process to follow please carefully read the following links:

Customers with products found to be at fault are required to return this product for refund or replacement at their point of purchase. 

Visual notice:

Recall Black Diamond Nylon Runners
Recall Black Diamond Carabiners Quickdraws

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DMM Product Recall

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 @ 09:57:22

DMM Product Recall

DMM is issuing a product recall, subject ot user inspection.

In a small percentage of carabiners  the interaction between the internal coil spring (which gives the gate its closing action) and the gate pusher (the component that holds the spring against the carabiner body) may cause the gate pusher to displace, potentially preventing the gate from closing or the mechanism from locking completely.

Please open the attached document for a list of all the products this concerns.

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Industrial Rope Access Course Dates 2015-2016 Now Available

Friday, March 13, 2015 @ 14:50:57

Total height Safety is pleased to announce the lineup of ARAA Industrial Rope Access course training and assessment dates for 2015 and 2016:


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