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DMM Nexus Recall

October 24, 2019

DMM Nexus Recall

DMM Wales has issued an Alert for any owner of a DMM Nexus swivel body.

The Nexus swivel body is assembled into the Nexus S-S (SW480), Nexus L-L (SW490) and Nexus S-L (SW470).

DMM is aware of an incorrectly assembled DMM Nexus swivel body.
The error in assembly meant that the two sides of the swivel could be separated. This was discovered in a pre-use inspection, and no accidents or injuries have occurred.

The affected products DMM would like returned have serial numbers in the following range: 190790036E to 190790137E. Manufactured on: 20th March 2019.

Products with serial numbers before and after this range are not affected.

Products in non-standard colour ways e.g. matt grey are not affected.

NOTE: It is important that the serial number is read from the green Nexus body and not either of the grey compact shackles. Click Here to Download the Alert and Instructions.

Contact DMM for more inforamtion or returns - email: cs@dmmwales.com