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October 27, 2023


SAYFA have identified a potential safety concern with a specific batch of Mini Shock Absorbers, supplied by Spanset and used in their SL228 ARRESTA Vertical Line Fall Arrestor with energy absorber. Some of the units in this batch may have a manufacturing defect that could compromise the safety and reliability of the shock absorber.


What is the issue?

One side of the shock absorber has not been appropriately stitched and is only held in place with glue. This means that the loop that retains the karabiner will come loose during a fall event, and the shock absorber will fail. This scenario could lead to a significant injury or death.


What to do?

1. If you own a SpanSet Mini Shock absorber with a serial number within the range 197669010100 to 197669010300, we urgently request you to inspect the item for any signs of defects or irregularities immediately.
2. If, during the inspection, you discover any faults or have doubts about the integrity of the product, immediately remove it from service.
3. Notify SAYFA, there is a QR Code in the Safety Alert flyer linked below.


    Download Safety Alert with full instructions, images of the fault and instructions how to return.

    Download Here