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ISC RP205 & RP209 PIP-PIN Alert

April 16, 2019

ISC RP205 & RP209 PIP-PIN Alert

ISC are requesting that all owners of the subject listed items inspect the pip-pin mechanism in the axle of their rope grab. There has been a report of the ball-bearings falling out of the hole over time. This has, currently, only been reported by a single customer, however, as a responsible manufacturer, ISC is issuing this notice to alert all users to the issue.

Following an investigation into the customer raised issue, it is discovered that there is a possibility that a number of devices may be affected. The ball-bearings act as a locking mechanism for the axle, and if they are not in place the axle could work loose. For this reason, if the ball-bearings are not present the device should not be used.

Download User Inspection Notice